Am I required to make changes to my practice based on the Unified Smiles program?

Our mission at Unified Smiles is to provide your practice and your team with the tools and support needed to enhance your independence. This means that no changes are required, just a collaborative spirit regarding the resources and best practices to reach your goals.

How do I know if my practice is benefitting by using the Unified Smiles program?

Once you become a client, we request a few pieces of information based on your practice goals which will allow us to benchmark your practice. Your Unified Smiles Representative will be in regular communications with you and your team to discuss the success and savings tracked with internal analytic tools.

What do I need to provide in order to become a Unified Smiles client?

We require an active dental license and proof of address (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.). We also request willingness to engage with your Unified Smiles Representative in order to build the foundation for an effective and lasting relationship.

What does the Unified Smiles on-boarding process entail?

Once you join as a Unified Smiles client, you are matched with a dedicated Representative who will have a one-on-one call with you to learn about your practice and begin to methodically set and meet goals. You will also learn about exclusive resources and target key areas of support and advice.

What if I plan to sell my practice in a few years?

Then this is the optimal time for you to become a Unified Smiles client. For practice owners who are gearing up for a sale or retirement, the program benefits can dramatically increase your value when you are ready to transition. We can also provide invaluable support in the process of a practice sale.

What type of dental practice is the Unified Smiles program designed for?

Unified Smiles was founded on the vision of keeping the independent dentist just that –independent. Nationwide, we work with practices of all sizes, from single location to large multi-location ones – even specialty practices. We also find success at all stages of the practice life cycle.