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The ToolBox Payment Management Team has worked together in the credit card processing industry for 20+ years and has helped over 20,000+ businesses with their payment processing needs (the acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express). In addition to working with many industry types, ToolBox has worked with thousands of dental and other medical practices since its inception. Our experience has shown that many doctors are busy with day-to-day issues and consequently, the attention to credit card transactions and the corresponding costs are not properly analyzed during the year. 

ToolBox has two types of dental clients: (1) start-up practices that wish to accept credit cards using our state of the art terminals / point of sale systems and (2) existing practices that we help convert to our processing platform with significantly more competitive pricing and technology solutions. In addition to traditional credit card processing, ToolBox has developed numerous technological features to provide a great patient experience including recurring billing plans and ACH programs. The goal is always the same- create a program that will positively affect the bottom line and help to improve cash flow for our practices.

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