It’s always a pleasure to hear unifying messages from the people we serve everyday. We’re grateful for clients who appreciate the work we do – especially the small personal touches.


Suzanne Villani

Office Manager, East Islip Dental Care, East Islip, NY

Unified Smiles’ detail to customer service is outstanding. Anytime I have a question, it’s answered. The team behind the Unified Smiles name is so appreciated. When you join Unified Smiles, you WILL save time, money and build a relationship with a qualified, knowledgeable team.


Camenzuli Dental Excellence, New Orleans, LA

Since joining Unified Smiles our practice can now afford to offer its employees amazing benefits, such as health insurance and 401K. In addition, the service we received from our Unified Smiles Representative is top notch. She checks in regularly to see how she can help our practice and has introduced us to other vendors that have helped us save even more money. Whenever we have an issue or question, it’s so easy to just give her a call and she’s on the case! I recommend Unified Smiles to other dentists!


Dr. Frank Scavuzzo

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

You must check out Unified Smiles. They were able to immediately reduce my overhead expense by their expertise in negotiating reduced fees and pricing on products and services I use every day. Unified Smiles has held true to their promise, I could not be more satisfied, NO promise was ever overstated. Call Unified Smiles today and I am confident you will be thrilled

Dr. Jeff Hibbard

Hibbard Dental Care, Clovis, CA

As a result of joining Unified Smiles, our patient services and communication have improved, and we now have access to resources that help us run more efficiently. I find the experience with Unified Smiles exceptional – I only wish I had found out about them years ago. Teaming with Unified Smiles is truly a “no brainer” for any practice owner.


Beth Rochette

Dental Assistant, Atsalis Dental Excellence, Plymouth, MI

I had been familiar with Unified Smiles for a while – they have a reputation in the dental community for helping businesses reach their goals. Now that we’re a Unified Smiles client, we have seen our practice improve in several ways. Unified Smiles has opened the door to new vendors, have hunted down the best prices on the best products, and have always been easy and efficient to work with. In short, Unified Smiles and their partner vendors make it easy to save money, while also staying modern and smart. We highly recommend Unified Smiles to practices like ours!

Stacey Peabody

Office Manager, Down to Earth Dental, Tacoma, WA

The Unified Smiles team always does a good job listening to our needs and helping us to get set up. We LOVE the attentive customer service. Any time we have a question or issue, our Representative is just a phone call or email away. She is extremely responsive, reliable and proactive. Our only regret is that we didn’t reach out to them sooner. I would recommend Unified Smiles to other dentists because IT WORKS. Unified Smiles delivers on their promise to help save you money – and they have been a key contributor to our office’s financial success.