Improve Your Bottom Line With Savings Across All Areas Of Practice Spend.

What's Included


Network of 70+ Vendor Partners


Negotiated Prices and Benefits Exclusive to Unified Smiles Clients, including continuing education and training, free goods, and other special offers.



Expert Assistance in Identifying Savings Opportunities to Meet Your Unique Practice Needs

Savings Analysis Calculator

Average overhead for a GP practice today is almost 75%, despite most practice management experts recommended target of 60% or less. Unified Smiles can help you set an achievable overhead goal by identifying savings and growth opportunities.

Average Results

Annual Savings Per Year for Supplies
Annual Savings Per Year for Lab Services
Annual Savings Per Year for Endo and Hygiene Instruments
Annual Savings Per Year for Credit Card Processing

Savings+ Case Study

See how Hilde Family Dentistry saved over $90,000 with Unified Smiles!

How It Works


After you purchase Savings+, you’ll receive a welcome email with the contact information for your Unified Smiles representative and an intake form to complete that will help us understand the needs of your practice.


During your first month, we’ll schedule an onboarding call to review the partners you’re already using in our network, where you’ll recognize immediate savings, and discuss your practice priorities so we can recommend partners that address your unique needs.


There are a few pieces of information we will need to accurately quote your savings opportunities. We will ask you to provide 3 months of invoices for your supplies, lab, credit card processing, and other business expenses that Unified Smiles can help you reduce. You may also be asked to provide your P&L statement and lease agreement, if applicable.


We will connect with you or designated team members over the phone or via email for quarterly meetings to address additional savings opportunities and evaluate your results to-date.

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