Take Your Practice To New Heights.

Take your first step towards the practice of your dreams. Unified Smiles will assess your practice strengths and opportunities, educate and inform, and implement practice-led changes that support your mission and align to your practice goals. During your coaching program, we will build on the foundation of your practice – improving team satisfaction, reducing stress, and delivering measurable results at an affordable price.

Unified Smiles Client Benefits

Savings, Solutions, & Support

As a Unified Smiles Consulting client, you will have access to all the benefits of United Smiles. This includes exclusive access to savings from our extensive network of 70+ supply partners and practice solutions as well as a dedicated Unified Smiles Representative.


What Does It Mean To You?

  • Retaining clinical and administrative control?
  • Operating a fee-for-service practice?
  • Adding an associate?
  • Building the value of your practice for retirement?
  • Buying another practice?

Define independence for your practice and we will help you get there.

  • Has your practice reached a plateau?
  • Is your hygiene department growing?
  • Are you maximizing reimbursement from insurance companies? 
  • Are you doing enough of the kind of dentistry you love? 
  • Are you confident in your systems? 
  • Are you meeting your practice goals?

Contact us to schedule a full practice evaluation to identify areas of concern and determine the next steps to achieving your practice goals.

Ask Yourself

What Results Should You Expect?

  • Increased Production
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Higher Patient Retention Rate
  • Increased New Patient Count
  • Greater Team Satisfaction.

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