Patient Software


Teledentix by Virtual Dental Care, is the premier teledentistry software for all types of dental organizations. Teledentix connects patients and providers in a HIPAA-secure environment that can be configured to allow for online patient scheduling, online forms, records management, and referrals. Virtual Dental Care also offers Teledentix Basic, a simplified version of Teledentix offering dental-specific virtual visits at a fraction of the cost of other HIPAA-compliant video conferencing providers. Visit to learn more.




CareStack is a cloud based system for the complete management (charting, to “online forms”, to appointment reminders) of the dental practice. We are a 100% cloud based system that provides a greater degree of cyber security than the on-premise solution that most practices are running. In addition, our “all in-one” model translates into a significant savings over the unbundled approach of our competitors.  At CareStack, we offer a full suite of solutions that delivers this experience and places both patients and office staff at ease.  Whether it’s “curbside check-in”, completing onboarding forms on a phone, or paying by text — CareStack includes all of this functionality as you return to practice.  We are thrilled to have the support and endorsement of Unified Smiles!  Please reach out to us at if you want to learn more.