Patient Software


CareCru is a dental practice growth platform powered by AI that enhances patient care and maximizes practice profitability. Our Cru of experts help dental teams by providing easy-to-use patient engagement technology, automation for daily practice operations, and intelligent reporting for better decision making.

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Teledentix by Virtual Dental Care, is the premier teledentistry software for all types of dental organizations. Teledentix connects patients and providers in a HIPAA-secure environment that can be configured to allow for online patient scheduling, online forms, records management, and referrals. Virtual Dental Care also offers Teledentix Basic, a simplified version of Teledentix offering dental-specific virtual visits at a fraction of the cost of other HIPAA-compliant video conferencing providers. Visit to learn more.

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Offering a wide range of patient management products, SolutionReach makes it simple for dental providers to manage relationships with active, inactive, and prospective patients.

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