Practice Management

Dental Consultant Connection

Dental Consultant Connection (DCC) is a unique dental consulting company serving dentists throughout the United States. DCC’s team of 30+ specialized consultants have the experience and knowledge to inspire and lead dental teams to success. DCC has created a network of hand-picked consultants with excellent credentials, who cover a broad range of dental practice’s needs. We will connect you with the consultant who has the expertise to meet your specific needs. No more wasting time or money if you are not sure where to turn, or what you need to address first in your practice. If you are serious about improving your practice, we’d love to help you.


Square Practice

Too many dentists don’t know their numbers, and because of that, don’t know their business. This causes stress, frustration, and as any business owner can tell you, you can’t make good decisions with bad data. Square Practice makes knowing your numbers easy by syncing with your practice management system. It reveals your opportunities, trends, and analyzes your practice – all automatically. Which results in having peace of mind and the data necessary to make the right decisions to grow and enjoy being a dental entrepreneur.



Compliance Training Partners

Compliance Training Partners (CTP) is dedicated to advancing the compliance proficiency of dental facilities by providing high quality, efficient and flexible training options to their team members. In addition, the company offers a full-line of required safety and testing products designed specifically for professional facilities. CTP’s team of OSHA Approved Trainers are highly experienced, having assisted in more OSHA and HIPAA inspection responses for healthcare facilities than anyone in the United States. CTP holds themselves to the highest standards of ethics by providing quality products and services that are fully supported by our dedicated team of compliance and safety experts.


Five Lakes Professional Services

Since 2010, Five Lakes Professional Services has helped dental practices develop, manage and execute an insurance participation strategy to attract and retain patients. Our comprehensive approach is based on collecting and analyzing data to help providers make informed objective decisions.

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Kleer is an advanced, cloud-based platform that enables dentists to easily design and manage their own Membership Plans to offer directly to their patients. Kleer’s mission is to increase the value of dental practices by making dental care accessible and affordable to everyone.

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Treatment24seven is the industry standard to increasing case acceptance. Designed in a dental practice for dental practices, Treatment24seven provides true real-time data and a powerful platform to manage the millions of dollars in treatment your organization presents each year.

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Offering a wide range of patient management products, SolutionReach makes it simple for dental providers to manage relationships with active, inactive, and prospective patients.

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Renaissance Systems and Services, LLC

Renaissance is dedicated to providing electronic solutions that add value to the dental community by lowering the cost of doing business through the promotion of e-commerce.

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Peak Practice Transitions

Since 1997, Peak Practice Transitions, LLC is the market-leader in providing the highest level practice transition solutions to health care and accounting professionals. Peak Transitions has assisted a select number of practice owners and buyers by providing personalized transition services for one of the biggest events in their career. Peak works to minimize that stress and worry for both parties during the practice sales process.

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