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Products & Services

From Our Elite Partners

UnifiedSmiles features a number of elite partners for substantial savings on products and services for your dental practice. We have partnered with companies such as Procter and Gamble, Staples and Darby Dental Supply.

Products & Services [From Our Elite Partners]

Purchasing Power

Exclusive to Our Members

As a result of UnifiedSmiles increased purchasing power, members will benefit from the influence of the group. Members have access to the best products and services available at a cost far below the rates normally offered to independent practitioners.

Purchasing Power [Exclusive to Our Members]

Significant Savings

Top Line Revenue Growth

You will benefit from top line revenue growth, significant savings on products and services, best practice strategies, networking and marketing tools, seminars and training programs and much more.

Significant Savings [Top Line Revenue Growth]

Latest Innovations

Be the First to Know

Recognizing the size and influence of the UnifiedSmiles network, manufacturers of dental products and technology reach out to UnifiedSmiles when introducing new equipment, products and advancements.

Latest Innovations [Be the First to Know]

Member Support

We Are Here for You

The UnifiedSmiles team continually works with our suppliers to provide responsive customer support and service. As a member qualified under the UnifiedSmiles banner, we are always available to provide assistance with implementation and ongoing communication with our partners.

Member Support [We Are Here for You]

Welcome to UnifiedSmiles

We know what is important to the success of your dental practice… freedom to choose, independence and control.

UnifiedSmiles supports its members by providing them with customized services and products best suited to their individual practices and their patients. Members will have the opportunity to increase their profitability and efficiency of operations while decreasing the time and financial investment normally required to obtain these products and services.

Members of UnifiedSmiles, as part of a larger network, are given access to opportunities otherwise unavailable to independent practices.

    • Group Purchasing Power
    • Professional Development Tools
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Marketing/Advertising Services


The Vision

The Vision

UnifiedSmiles was founded on the vision that independent dental practitioners should have the same advantage as large volume purchasers while maintaining the ability to make their own decisions about what is best for the dental health of their patients.

Our Mission

Our Mission

UnifiedSmiles will leverage our experience and market expertise in the complex field of dental practice management to provide independent dental practitioners with the means to increase profitability and efficiency of operations.

Core Values

Core Values

Mutual Respect
Active Engagement

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