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You dedicated yourself to caring for patients. Now, let us assist you in connecting you with experts in the business aspect of your dental practice.

We specialize in connecting our members with top-notch professionals who can enhance their dental practice and alleviate the stress they experience in the office. This allows our members to focus their time and energy on providing exceptional care to their patients.


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Our sole mission is to support and empower independent dentists.

Exclusive network of CPAs, Consultants & Attorneys

We have an vast network of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants, CPAs, and attorneys who are available to be referred. Whether you need expert guidance in managing and growing your dental practice, ensuring financial stability and compliance, or legal advice to protect your interests, we have the perfect partner for you. Our top priority is to connect you with the ideal professional who can not only understand your unique needs but also foster the exponential growth of your dental office. With their expertise and dedication, they will work closely with you to develop effective strategies and solutions that will drive your practice to new heights of success. Trust our network of consultants, CPAs, and attorneys to provide you with the support and guidance you deserve.

We have curated a network of talented advisors who excel in the dental field

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Let us connect you with industry specialists who will guide you towards financial success.

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Unlock the potential of your dental practice with top-notch experts hailing from every corner of the nation.

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Discover a powerful network of professionals relied upon by our members.

We are passionate about assisting our members in connecting with skilled professionals who can enhance their dental practices.


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Explore how we can assist your independent dental office in cutting down on costs and boosting your income streams.

Unified Smiles, being one of the leading GPOs in the United States, has successfully secured exceptional pricing and discounts from over 100 top-tier industry pioneers in areas such as clinical supplies, labs, education, compliance, insurance service, procurement, and much more.

Included with every membership is a Dedicated Concierge Service that brings together a team of experienced dental industry experts. They work closely with our members to enhance profitability and uncover potential cost-saving opportunities.

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