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About the Practice

Dr. Stephen Harlow is committed to providing excellence in dentistry and stands out as a leading dentist in Ferndale, Michigan. He uses the latest in dentistry techniques to provide patients with a beautiful and healthy smile. Additionally, Dr. Harlow believes strongly in education to prevent oral health problems before they occur and makes sure to keep patients fully informed about their dental health. 

Dr. Harlow purchased Ferndale Dental from Dr. Ronald Martella in 2018. What Dr. Harlow enjoys most about being a dentist is “working with people throughout the day. It’s good to know we’re helping patients get healthier while we help them get a better understanding of how to stay that way.”

Why Unified Smiles?

Dr. Harlow joined Unified Smiles because a family friend told him they would simplify the process of buying and owning an independent dental practice. 

Dr. Harlow has stayed with Unified Smiles since buying his practice because of the time and money he has been able to save. In 2020, he asked Unified Smiles to help him with his goal of increasing office production, until the pandemic shifted his focus to operating safely while protecting patients and team members.

In 2019, Unified Smiles saved Dr. Harlow


on supplies and services such as:

  • Dental Supplies
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Lab Services
  • Practice Management
  • Marketing Services
  • IT Services
  • HR Services
  • Financial Solutions

In 2020, Dr. Harlow's Unified Smiles Representative:

  • Provided free CE opportunities to complete during quarantine
  • Provided ADA PPE recommendations and resources
  • Provided resources for OSHA and HIPAA training
  • Provided information on MIOSHA grants for small employers
  • Provided information on Michigan’s executive order that required a written plan and training for reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown 
  • Helped track down available sources of peroxide, N95s, and disposable gowns with a discount through US 
  • Helped negotiate lower pricing with vendors to offset shutdown costs
  • Provided a COVID-19 reopening checklist
  • Administered a compliance assessment and recommended next steps
  • Recommended a vendor for PPO negotiations with a discount through US
  • Scheduled a consulting call with Unified Smiles’ Director of Education
  • Provided training to Dr. Harlow’s staff to prepare for PPO fee negotiations

Unified Smiles has helped Dr. Harlow:


Save Money

through Unified Smiles vendors. Ferndale Dental saw savings of $12,721 in 2019.


Save Time

because of his utilization of his Practice Success Specialist.


Improve His Skillset

by providing free continuing education opportunities 
and resources.


Reopen Safely

after the COVID-19 shutdown by assisting with compliance and tracking down PPE.

“My goal was to own my own dental practice and Unified Smiles helped make that as easy as possible. They have helped me a lot in my process of buying a dental practice. I’ve definitely saved a lot of time and money thanks to them. They also helped introduce me to lots of continuing education and dental professionals to help improve my skillset. I would highly recommend this company for any practice owner. Great people as well as a great service they provide.”
Dr. Stephen Harlow

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