Grow Your Practice with Additional Procedures

According to a study by the Health Policy Institute at the American Dental Association, many dentists post-pandemic are implementing more preventative and non-surgical caries management techniques than ever before. From participants in the survey, we are seeing that about 37% of practitioners are implementing more fluoride varnish treatments and about 28% of practitioners are administering more dental sealants. From this information, it is safe to assume that preventative care and overall wellness are at the forefront of the minds of both patients and dentists throughout the country. Previously, fluoride may have only been recommended for patients with a higher risk for developing caries or experiencing dental health issues. As we can now see, there is a real need for preventative treatments for patients of all ages and levels of need. With this information in mind, it may benefit your practice to start offering more of these preventative treatments to ease the minds of patients.

Fluoride varnish is typically provided for children to prevent the formation of caries, but it has become increasingly popular for utilization on adults due to a variety of factors. Many adults will develop dental caries due to new medications and increased gum recession. Teeth are increasingly at risk for oral disease and infection for both young children and older adults. This condition is most common in adults in their 40’s and 50’s because of declining health and an increase in prescription medication due to underlying conditions. 

There is good reason to consider offering fluoride varnish and dental sealants to adult patients as well as in pediatric cases. These services are not only in the best interest of patients, but there is also a real opportunity for practices to advance their services to keep up with the current demand. Preventative care is at the focus of everyone’s mind in today’s health industry, and that can be shown by the recent uptick in the popularity of preventative services throughout the nation. The demand for quality care is higher than it has ever been, so it is imperative to your practice’s success that you take advantage of this moment. 

It is in your best interest as a business owner to seek out profit wherever it is available, especially if you see a need for specific services in your community. Through the offering of treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride varnishes, you are providing your community with proactive healthcare and smile maintenance. Our partners at Darby Dental Supply, LLC have helped dentists find the supplies they need to be able to offer these services right now while there is a need. Through their quality products and immediate customer service, patients have been able to receive the preventative treatments they are seeking while dental professionals benefit from affordable product rates. Now more than ever, it is so important to get ahead of the curve and be on the forefront of innovation when it comes to serving your community. 

Darby Dental Supply, LLC is one of the largest dental distributors in the United States, and they recognize the challenges that dentists go through, especially during this difficult time. Darby Dental Supply, LLC works with practitioners to find solutions to everyday challenges and help keep dental supply costs down. Their decades of expertise and hands-on experience with practice owners have shaped them into a major force in today’s dental supply distribution. They offer over 50,000 products and an extensive range of equipment and software that can help your practice advance to the next level. Unified Smiles recommends Darby for all your dental supply needs so that your patients can receive the care they require exactly when they need it. Keep up with demand by taking advantage of Darby’s affordable and accessible dental supply products so that you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to patient demand.


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