Investing in Your Practice with Dental Buying Groups

Choosing the right equipment and technology to incorporate into your business can help your practice stand out among the rest. This simple step can help your practice advance to the next level, and it can help you reach more potential patients. Through advanced procedures and state-of-the-art technology, you can provide your patients with the highest-quality dental services in the area. Dental buying groups offer dental practice owners the unique opportunity to acquire the latest dental technology at a more affordable rate. This can allow you to offer a higher quality of care and expand your services to accommodate more patients. Unified Smiles works to identify valuable opportunities and broker more affordable rates to benefit our clients. We care about your bottom line, and our Unified Smiles Representatives work tirelessly to help reduce overhead costs so that dentists can maximize their profits. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of dental buying groups, and why your practice should take advantage of our benefits.


Increase Production & Shorten Appointments

Better equipment means better service. Not only will the quality of your services improve, but the frequency and speed of those services will improve. That means more cash flow for your business. You will have the potential to increase your number of patients, while also offering more advanced procedures. Furthermore, by investing in technology to help you streamline more administrative tasks, like pulling up patient charts and insurance information, you will be able to make appointments more efficient. This can help shorten appointments and free up your schedule to take on more patients throughout the day. You will have people waiting for less time in the waiting room and shorten the time necessary to perform treatments. The quality of your service will not only improve, but the idle time before, during, and after appointments will be reduced.


Improve Your Overall Quality of Care

The dental industry is always changing, so your practice needs to remain competitive to get patients the advanced procedures that they need. By using dental buying groups to acquire more advanced equipment, you can provide more high-quality services and procedures. Today, patients want innovative treatments that are less invasive than traditional approaches to dental work. Using laser technology, you will be able to offer patients a higher quality of care than other dental practices in your area. The newest dental technology can detect oral health issues well before they become a serious problem, so you can save your patients from requiring more invasive and expensive treatments. The best thing you can invest in is your patients’ trust. By updating your technology, you are showing that you have their best interests at heart.


Improve Your Bottom Line

One of the main advantages of choosing to work with dental purchasing groups is that it allows the independent dentist to compete with peers who may have more funding. The added weight of a group purchasing organization can provide smaller practices with more leveraging power in price negotiations. This can open up more opportunities such as lower costs for products, wider networks of industry professionals, and more resources to get what your practice needs. This benefit enhances revenue and improves a practice’s bottom line through cost-saving initiatives. Spend less on items you need and invest in areas of opportunity for growth.


Level the Playing Field

Some major organizations and corporate dental practices may be in a better position to acquire goods for their practice, which can be a disadvantage to the independent dentist. By choosing to join a dental buying group, you are leveling the playing field among the dental industry. Working as a collective, independent dentists are able to acquire goods and machinery at a fair price. If your practice lacks proper funding to get the equipment you require, dental buying groups may be the best next step. Our team can evaluate your practice’s specific needs and help create a plan to reach your short and long-term goals. With our help, you can access a huge network of like-minded dental practice owners that have similar goals. Together, independent dentists across the nation can reach their full potential with help from dental buying groups.



Increase the Value of Your Business

Joining a cost-saving program can help increase the value of your practice by helping you find room in your budget to re-invest in your business. Many dentists overpay on products and supplies that they need to frequently replace or fix, which can end up costing thousands of dollars throughout the year. By taking advantage of a cost-saving program, you are helping to reduce your overall cost of buying necessary supplies and opening up opportunities to spend cash elsewhere. With more available credit, you will be able to reinvest in your business and potentially offer more advanced services, get up-to-date equipment, or increase your marketing budget. It can be difficult for dentists to identify areas of their business where they may be overspending or where they may not be investing enough. Our representatives have experience working with dentists all over the country, and they can help to evaluate your current budget. With a fresh perspective, you may be able to take a major step forward with your business, or you can increase profits through reduced spending. Talk to our team about how you can benefit from taking advantage of our client pricing.


To learn more about Unified Smiles, call our representatives to schedule an initial consultation. Our team can help you understand what opportunities are available to you, and we can evaluate your current buying strategy. Don’t leave money on the table that should be reinvested into your business. Talk to our team to learn more about member opportunities that can help you save thousands on supplies and equipment. You can reach Unified Smiles by calling 844.US.UNITE or by filling out a contact request form directly on our site. We look forward to helping your practice thrive.