Selecting the Right Tools for Your Practice

Choosing the right equipment can make a huge impact on the quality of services you are able to provide for your patients. Navigating the world of dental equipment and technology can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, so the team here at Unified Smiles wanted to share some tips on how to find the equipment your practice needs. Our representatives have worked with providers throughout the industry for a variety of dental specialties, and we have developed a deep understanding of what independent dentists need while keeping their budget in mind. Our team can work with you to find the tools you require at the price you need, so that you are getting the most value out of your investment. Keep reading to learn more about our friends at Brasseler USA, and why we consider them the right choice for all of your instrumental needs.

Decades of Experience and Advancement

Searching online for dental instruments can quickly lead you down a rabbit hole of information and resources that may not be entirely trustworthy. One of the main advantages of shopping with an industry-known brand like Brasseler USA is that you are investing in the years of research and innovation that come with such an established company. Brasseler USA has been serving dentists since 1976, when founder Peter Brasseler established a direct connection between quality dental instruments and the professionals who need them. There is no middleman or third-party seller when it comes to working with a distinguished partner like Brasseler USA. Dentists can access high-quality tools at a generous rate without having to compare prices or do quality control. Brasseler’s singular focus on instrumentation allows them to deliver the most dependable, reliable, and precise instruments in the dental market.

Quality You Can Trust

Brasseler USA provides practitioners with the tools necessary for all services in restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, oral-maxillofacial surgery, general dentistry, and laboratory services. A leader in instrumental innovation, the team at Brasseler USA works to constantly identify opportunities for new products and advanced procedure protocols so that practitioners can get higher-quality results in a shorter period of time. Design and performance are the leading forces behind everything that goes into creating a quality product. Brasseler USA is renowned for the level of quality they provide with every instrument and procedure system they offer. With their customized designs and decades of experience in the dental market, Brasseler USA is able to give dentists innovative, comprehensive, and convenient technology and protocols that can help bring their business to the next level. 

When you shop for tools for your practice, you are not only looking for the most affordable option. You are looking for the option that will provide your practice with the most value and high-functioning performance. Brasseler USA dental instruments are designed and created using high-quality materials that will give dentists the longevity and performance that they demand of their dental technology. Across the board, their quality tools require less adjustments and fewer replacements over years of use. Dental professionals rate them as a leading force of quality dental technology that is guaranteed to provide value to services and reduce necessary treatment times. 

Innovation and Precision

Not only is Brasseler USA your source for quality dental instruments, but they are also a leading company in instrumental innovation. A blind independent survey of practitioners on dental diamonds showed that Brasseler USA is rated the #1 diamond brand by a 2 to 1 margin over the closest competitor in precision, quality, assortment, and providing solutions. Their technology is created based on the highest standard of outcome-based precision and design. Tools are created and improved by celebrated peers in the dental community who are dedicated to technological innovation and transformation. When you choose to work with Brasseler USA, you can trust that the tools available to your practice are the most accurate and precise pieces of technology that are currently available on the dental market.

Clinicians and dental laboratories alike appreciate working with Brasseler because of their state-of-the-art instrumentation and decades of experience providing high-quality products. Unified Smiles is proud to work with a company that we know is the best choice for independent dentists and laboratories throughout the nation. Our representatives are dedicated to connecting practitioners with the resources they need to achieve a successful practice and build long lasting careers. Brasseler USA is a key element in our network of dental industry professionals that can help independent dentists reach their highest potential. The level of sophistication and precision that comes with Brasseler products is unmatched, so talk to our team to learn more about how you can benefit from their services. Call Unified Smiles at 844.US.UNITE or fill out a contact request form on our site for further information.