Staff Management: The Key to Practice Optimization

Proper management of your dental practice can make a major difference in overall performance and profits. Your team is one of your most valuable assets, and with proper guidance they can truly help your practice thrive. Our representatives here at Unified Smiles can offer some direction when it comes to managing your team so that everyone can work towards a common goal. Proper staff management can be the key to success when it comes to getting your practice to the next level. Check out some tips from our dental practice management experts on how you can improve your staff management style. 

Invest in Your Team

If you want to have the best team for your practice, you need to invest in your staff. Taking the time to find properly trained and qualified applicants will help guarantee that your business is in the best possible hands. Your staff are the ones that will interact with your patients the most, so it’s important that you find a team that truly connects with your message. Besides hiring the right people, continuing education is also a great way to invest in your team. Our representatives can offer suggestions of courses that your team can take to stay up to date with the best practices in the industry. Updating techniques and training staff on new technology can boost job satisfaction and improve office efficiency. There are so many ways to utilize educational courses, conferences, online lectures, newsletters, and more so that your employees are always up to date on current industry standards. Talk to our dental practice management experts to learn more about how you can provide your staff with enriching and educational courses.

Open Up Communication

Establishing an open line of communication with your team can make a huge difference in your practice. When your staff feels comfortable being honest with you about job satisfaction, the pace of business, and even just sharing new ideas, your practice will always benefit. Open communication will also create great opportunities for you to share advice and guidance with your team so that daily operations can be improved. Being able to talk with your staff about business goals and aspirations can get everyone on the same page. Feel free to delegate tasks to specific members of the staff and provide clear expectations when it comes to job duties. Breaking down office operations into more simple steps can help everyone feel like they are contributing to the overall success of the business. Our representatives can provide some guidance on how you can strengthen the internal communication of your team. Doing this can create a more productive and positive workplace environment, and that will translate to your patients as well. Your patients will be receptive to a positive and welcoming environment, and that will help to contribute to the overall success of your business.

Provide Clear KPIs

Key performance indicators are a huge benefit for both you and your staff. Offering achievable goals to your staff gives them something to work towards while also giving you something to acknowledge. KPIs in the dental industry can be anything from the number of positive reviews you received each month, to the number of teeth whitening treatments performed. If your office is running a special promotion, you can incorporate that into that staff’s individual KPIs. This is a great way to achieve small goals and to unite your team. Key performance indicators can help build a sense of community among your staff and they help to identify a common goal for the whole office. KPIs can also help you better understand your business and the pace at which daily operations are completed. Getting clear data on how many services you are performing, where your staff is the most valuable, and what types of procedures are in high demand to your clientele can aid you in making more informed choices in the future. They can also help you find new opportunities for further investment and expansion. Our dental practice management experts can help you create key performance indicators that are tailored to your practice’s unique strengths. Taking the time to design specific key performance indicators that are tailored to your staff and business will help you improve overall practice optimization.

Schedule Regular Meetings

Routine meetings can give your staff the opportunity to share insight and updates with each other on a regular basis. This can help foster a sense of community, it can help you move towards goals as a team, and it can help you set regular agendas. Your team will appreciate the mental refresh and you will be able to get a good idea of how operations are running. Regular meetings should be a positive and uplifting experience so that your team feels motivated moving forward. Our dental practice management experts also recommend regular staff meetings to help with staff retention. Touching base with your team on a routine basis can help keep everyone involved and feel like they are making genuine contributions to the success of the business. You know just how valuable a good employee is, so it’s important that they know how grateful you are to have them. Meetings are one of the most effective and efficient ways to keep a good staff and stay up to date on general business information.

To learn more about how you can use your team to optimize your practice’s performance, call our representatives. We can offer guidance that is specific to the needs of your business. Call Unified Smiles at 844.US.UNITE or fill out a contact request form on our site and a member of our team will get in touch at your convenience. We look forward to helping you improve your practice’s overall performance.