Unified Smiles Appoints Dilaine Gloege as Director of Education

Unified Smiles has hired Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPC as their new Director of Education and Client Services. Gloege’s dental industry knowledge and experience brings new learning and development opportunities to Unified Smiles members and their practices.

As Director of Education, Gloege will oversee all three levels of Unified Smiles services (Savings+, Solutions+, and US Dental Consulting) and implement innovative methods for supporting independent dentists. She will provide workshops and develop new educational content for Unified Smiles members in the areas of coding, administration, and practice management. These efforts, in addition to the current Unified Smiles member resources, will enable dental practices to increase their productivity and profitability while maintaining full independence.

“Bringing in an industry and education expert like Dilaine Gloege will increase the range of support we are able to offer the Unified Smiles community of independent dentists,” said Evelyn Ireland, Interim CEO of Unified Smiles. “We are excited about the impact this will have on the practice success of our members, as well as our ability to collaborate on new educational opportunities with our 70+ partners.”

Gloege comes to Unified Smiles as a Certified Dental Assistant and AAPC Certified Professional Coder with over 30 years of dental experience. Most recently she served as Director of Education and Brand Management and Chief Claims Officer for Dental ClaimSupport where she authored and created educational content for dentists and dental teams. Prior to Dental ClaimSupport, Gloege worked alongside Dr. Charles Blair helping thousands of practices with coding and insurance questions for both medical and dental claims. She was a contributing author for many publications including Diagnostic Coding for Dental Claim Submission, Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence, Administration with Confidence, Insurance Solutions Newsletter, and Coding with Confidence.