Clear Aligners: the Clear Choice for Modern Dentists

Dental professionals have been offering clear alignment therapy for well over 20 years, allowing patients the opportunity to discreetly adjust their smile alignment in a matter of months. This competitive area of the dental market is rapidly evolving with the rise in popularity of home-delivery and teledentistry treatment options. With today’s advanced clear alignment technology, patients are able to receive their desired results faster and with less trips to the dental office. This has also provided dental professionals with a wider patient reach and higher patient retention after treatment. Innovative clear alignment technology like ClearCorrect and SmileDirectClub have completely changed the game when it comes to smile alignment. Moving your orthodontic efforts to a patient-first model can allow you to bring your business to the next level and see more clear alignment therapy cases than ever before. 

New smile alignment technology is making the process of straightening a smile quicker, more efficient, and more affordable for patients. ClearCorrect and SmileDirectClub prioritize patient experience and ease of use. These companies’ unique methods of smile alignment make orthodontic treatment more accessible to patients who may have otherwise not considered adjusting their smile, or patients that don’t wish to come in for frequent appointments. Clear alignment technology is now able to be created in advance using a method of predictability when it comes to shifting the teeth to their desired position. With the predictable approach to smile alignment, trays are delivered to your patient directly so that they can maintain their progress from the comfort of their own home without the wait times or trips to the office throughout treatment.

There are some key differences in treatment when it comes to methods of clear alignment therapy. The tried-and-true method of Invisalign is an office staple, but is it the best option for your patients or your practice? ClearCorrect and SmileDirectClub have some major advantages when it comes to price and flexibility. Not only are they more affordable options than Invisalign, but they are also less visible and more comfortable for patients. This contemporary approach to smile alignment uses a thinner material that allows patients to improve their smile discreetly and comfortably at an affordable price.

ClearCorrect can drastically improve the lives of your patients due to its advanced system of clear alignment therapy and user-friendly experience. This plan utilizes the latest digital technologies, design, and clinical approaches to adjust and treat malocclusions. This method of smile alignment technology can treat cases of varying severity and is capable of being paired with a simple extraction or even surgical cases. This treatment option boasts exciting treatment options like controlled single-tooth movement and remote monitoring options, all with the great benefits expected with clear alignment technology. If you are looking to be on the innovative wave of orthodontic technology, ClearCorrect is the right option for your practice. Give your patients the advanced dental technology that they have come to expect from their trusted dental practitioner. 

SmileDirectClub is the teledentistry leader in the clear aligner industry and through its Partner Network, they are the first to create a hybrid in-office and teledentistry service model for teeth straightening. Setting the new standard for patient experience through excellence in customer care, they have created a program that allows dentists to offer clear aligner services without the headache of treatment planning and taking all of the admin headache off of their plate. SmileDirectClub’s entire infrastructure is dedicated to Net Promoter Score through patient satisfaction which lends itself to long term patient retention and loyalty.

Clear aligners offer patients unique benefits such as accelerated treatment time and improved oral health. Today’s advanced alignment methods have made the orthodontic process more accessible to patients who desire a straighter and healthier smile. Patients are seeing real-life results with these easy-to-use aligners and they are getting closer to their desired smile in a shorter amount of time. Of course, just like with any clear aligner, patient compliance is essential for the success of care, so that should always be taken into consideration when recommending clear aligners to any patients.

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